Hello - and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read about me. This is actually the third version of our web site and I am excited about the project and have enjoyed working on it because I think it will be easier to publish and find the photos I have shared here.

Perhaps a  little background is in order. I started in photography like a lot of folks, just fooling around with a camera at a young age and in my case it was a Kodak 620 that belonged to my dad. (I still have it in my collection). Later in High school and college I worked on the school newspapers and year books furthering my interest. I worked as a freelancer for few years out of college when I got the opportunity to work for a local portrait and wedding studio. I was there for 5 years when another opportunity came my way this time for a large media group. I was there for over 28 years.

Well now I have come full circle as I am back working for me again and loving it.  With this web site I will have a way to show some of the photography I like to do for myself and a place where my clients can view the work I do for them.

We will endeavor to keep the site updated and add to it as needed. Well enough about me, please take some time and look around the rest of the site.  If you would like to reach out in a more personal way you can click the email address below to send me an email.  I try to respond to inquiries within a day or two assuming I am not on location.

Thanks for stopping by and drop by again soon

~ Marty

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